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Продолжение истории про чувака из трамвая, который писал мне письма. Он нашел меня через social network и написал мне сообщение. В двух словах - он сейчас пишет книгу, которая обещает стать бестселлером, где я чуть ли не главная героиня. Посему мне надо гордиться и немедленно проследовать к нему домой выпить кофе.

ААА...Остается надеяться, что он не черпает свои идеи из Фаулза.

Hi again, Geez...i just said that i will never contact you again and i am about to do so. I am sorry for this, as I want to say that you have nothing to fear at all. I so would have contacted ANYONE who dropped a note into my lap, even if they hadn't washed for a couple of days, or if their disposition was not to my liking, unless of course i felt they were a threat of some sort. Who drops a note into a person's lap??? That's so victorian. The curiosity would be killing me. To live in such suspense would be too much for me. Also, you are the only girl i have ever dropped a note off to, and are the only girl i have ever approached as a complete stranger, and boy was that tough at that hour of the morning. I was a sleep zombie. If you are french, i can get my friend, of 13 years, Isabelle Hermard, (her website : who hails from paris, to let you know that you have nothing to fear. Flip her an email. If you listen to CBC radio. you are listening to people i know. Trust me, you have nothing to fear. A new friend in the hood? An interesting chat? For the book, I would love to know your perception of me, as a stranger. Isabelle will tell you all about me, verify everything, etc...She could even speak to you in your mother tongue. Contact her and ask her about me. She will say that i am fantastically hilarious and entirely harmless. I will tell you that I am nothing even remotely close to what you think i am from your interactions so far with me in every manner. As well, I have been told by others that I am an "interesting person", to say the least, in fact, one time when i was at work, i had finished saying something, and ended it with..."""..ahh....i am just an average guy""" and the whole office, shouted, in unison, 'No you are not!!!!" ... This tells me that i am surely interesting and not at all run of the mill, or why would they say it??I have lived within 1 block of the argyle lofts for 15 years, and so, know all of the secrets and cool things about the neighbourhood, so, could give you an insiders tour of sorts, or a verbal one over a cup of tea. along with being hilarious and having a fantastic sense of humour, I am also fierce smart. These are things i have been told, so i do want to say that i am not bragging or one who thinks himself above others.I am the opposite, and judge people only after knowing them, and care not for their economic status, rich or poor, it makes no difference to me, what matters to me is character. There are such magical things in this neighbourhood that few know about. So many people who live around here just kind of live here and have no notion of the fabric of the community. My book is a non-fiction book, set over the past 10 years, and so, the characters in it are real people from the neighbourhood, some of whom are famous, here, and in europe. From the point of view of an artist, it would be very interesting to meet you. I can tell you the role you play in the book. I will say again that I am not currently looking to get involved with anyone as my focus is on my book. If you are even the slightest bit curious about all of this, then do contact me. Part of my book is about the role of the stranger in society as it relates to feminism, notions of the stranger, among a million other things..including the story of the 'hood, its music,new philosophical ideas, etc...etc...anyhow....i would say you would be hard pressed to meet a more interesting person then me, or at least i would be as interesting as most people, certainly not less. Anyhow, wow, what a hard sell, you must think i am crazy. I want to say sorry for not aknowledging you at all when i walked out of the corner store in my building and walked right by you a few months ago. The reason why i ignored you is because you want nothing to do with me, so even the smallest nod was not given so as to not make you feel uncomfortable..can you imagine if i did say hello and you screamed or something?? It would be horrible.'s too bad i am a stranger to you. ok, also, keep those two letters that i dropped off into your lap, as if i do become a best selling writer, they will be neat keepsakes and you will have a cool little story to tell your friends about this "author guy", who creeped you out at first, but turned out to be totally normal, and who knows, they may end up being worth something. One last thing, as i have told you before in those two, purely boring, plain, and non-personality descriptive letters i dropped off into your lap, I live in the argyle lofts, on the ground floor.. My pad is through the second arch beside the alley on argyle, not on that strip of dovercourt, through the garden and huge french door. I have a nice belgian style(sort of)white cafe table out there.So, if you are ever curious, swing by, spy on me, or just contact me. As I am retired now and will never have to work for another again, (yippee!)I am mostly at home with my door swung open to the street, or over at ideal coffee on ossington working on my book. OK, i'll probably think of other things that i had wanted to say, but, if this letter doesnt give you the courage to meet a new person in your neighbourhood, or ignite a spark of curiosity, then I do not know what would, and I am at my wits end. My contact info is still as it was on that letter.... PS. I will contact you only once more, and that will be when i have signed a book deal, just to let you know that our interchange over the past 3 years will be taken public, obviously, because it will be in a book. That may not be for 2 years, but could be within 6 months depending on how long it takes me to write the book. One last thing, if you listen to cbc radio, then you are listening to a couple of my friends speak, so, you could even contact them in order to verify me. Anyhow, life is such an interesting journey. I wish you well again...
Tags: жесть, занимательная антропология

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