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Страсти накаляются: Продолжение переписки с голландскими друзьями

 My dearest Frits

I forwarded this email to Anna and she wrote a response.

Я не верю, что мы не вставим в жопу тюльпанов стране, по размеру
меньшей ванной в моей московской квартире. При виде нашей дружины вы
просто навалите в свои оранжевые трусы и никакой допинг в виде знатных
паровозов из травы с футбольного поля вам не поможет. Россия победит,
и медведи начнут ходить и по вашим улицам. Ура!

Hard to translate in English cause it will lose all the beauty of
Russian swearing.
Main ideas in bullitpoits:

Russians will put tulips in Dutch asses.
Holland is smaller than the bathroom in Anna's appartement (and her
bathroom is really small)
Dutch soccer players will poop in their orange pants and famous dutch
weed is not gonna help them.
We will win and Russian bears are gonna be walking on your streets


To both you lovely Russian Beauties,
You must be PUTIN me on because the only BEARS running around in the Netherlands will belong to the BARE RED BUTTS of those poor Russian soccer players after they are spanked so badly by the Dutch.  I hope the Russian team has brought a lot of VODKA because your boys will need it to drown their sorrows.  If you thought Chernobyl was bad, tomorrow will be the biggest diaster in Russian Soccer history.  I am glad that Russia is so big because your players will need to hide the embarrasment they will feel from the humiliating loss they will take tomorrow somewhere.  It will be so bad that even the deep forests of Siberia will not cover their shame.
I hope that Anna and you are both watching this game tomorrow as I will be sure to send another email telling you how sorry I feel for you because after all you still are my very good friends and I mustn't gloat..................................too much!
ORANJE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hup hup hup
Take Care!
PS  I want to hear the Russian swearing!!  and the tulips crack (haha) was a good one.



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