nec temere nec timide (asyak) wrote,
nec temere nec timide

Ha ha ha

To my lovely and beautiful Russian lady friends,
After much soul searching and drinking in the Dutch style (beer and dutch gin and weed) and feeling completely humbled, embarrassed and totally disappointed by the poor performance of my Dutch brothers; I stretch out a long hand in congratulations to the Russian Team and my dear Russian friends to a much deserved, if still surprising (at least to me) victory.
There is no question that the Russians were the better team on Sunday and I am proud to admit it.  I actually hope that those tulips they went home with in their "tender Dutch asses" start to grow deep roots and become quite painful for them because they deserve nothing less.  Perhaps it will assist them in their selling of the weed when they can show their customers that they have a "green bum".
Anyway, I appreciate that neither of you were too hard on me and I have decided that I am now going to vote for the Russians to win it all.  I will join you in the Drinking of the Vodka (Russian style after you teach me what that is Anastasia) in your victory over Germany.  But first you must beat Spain this afternoon and I will be watch and be cheering and thinking of you two ladies (but can't drink Vodka as I have to work while I am watching). 
For every bad play by a Russian, every lucky play by the Spanish or bad call by the referee I will be doing my best to swear like a Russian but look forward to learning in person from the beautiful and lovely Anna when she comes back to Canada to teach me (which I hope is very soon).
And a Note right back for Anna,
I don't think that I can agree that Russain football is the best in the galaxy as those 8 legged and 3 meter tall Martians may have something to say about that but your country's football has shown that it has re-emerged as a top force in the world and I am becoming a fan. (Arshivin is amazing!).  I hope you beat Spain and then Germany but either way I love the idea of us all going to the Carribean for a holiday in the sun with lots of the good stuff.  As long as we can get a hotel that is bigger than that little washroom of yours.
Great to hear from you but don't think you will be so fortunate next time, the Dutch will return but this is the year of the Russian! 
GO RUSSIA (but never in hockey)

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